Bruno Moinard was born in Dieppe, and has passionately enjoyed painting since childhood.
He watched his father working in his tapestry workshop and followed him in the decoration fairs.
As a teenager he exhibited with Dieppe artists.
At sixteen he went alone to Paris, where he passed the competitive entrance exam to the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art.
At the end of his studies where he finished top of his year, the architect Hubert Cormier noticed his talent and engaged him in his team in Roanne. He was able to prove himself with his participation in the renovation of the kitchens of the Troisgros brothers.
In 1979, a meeting would change the course of his destiny. His teacher and decorator-costumier, Louis Bercut, sent him to an agency located rue Pavée, head by Andrée Putman. Hired for a few days he handed in his first work entirely unsatisfied, saying “I’ve failed completely”. “On the contrary”, she replied, “it’s remarkable!”. He would remain 16 years with Andrée Putman.
At the same time he painted and continued to exhibit with his Dieppe artist friends, Pierre Bazin, curator of the city castle museum, and Daniel Revilliod, to whom he remained very close, as well as Michel King, Michel Ciry and Léon Gambier.

Originating from Dieppe, Bruno Moinard was marked by the beauty of the alabaster coasts. It is here that he discovered his strong and simple lines, transparency and essence of things.

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliquées et des Métiers d’Art, he began his career in 1979 with Andrée Putman before finding his own identity. His singular style and his furniture imbued with warm minimalism, sobriety, elegance and timelessness have made him, in thirty years of creations, one of the leading figures of interior architecture and design .

A great traveler, he has always practiced “the art of the travel journal”: a pictorial account of encounters with others and oneself, a traveling companion and guardian of memory.

For the first time, he is exhibiting his painting as part of this personal exhibition naturally entitled Itinérance.

It is in his studio in Varengeville-sur-Mer that he reveals the emotional language of his travel diaries on canvas, which is distinguished by his anti-naturalist vision and his desire to escape the illusionist system.

Bruno Moinard, in the posterity of impressionism, is an abstract landscapist who is characterized by a fluid gesture, marked by the discovery of the american action painting, which interprets a physical experience of confrontation with nature. His chromatic palette tending towards monochromatic contributes to the solidity of his compositions, abstract at first glance but also figurative as a representation of space.

Gilles Bastianelli
Biographer and Curator

1978: Graduate of the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts – Paris
1979 – 1995: Main collaborator of Andrée Putman
1995: Created his agency 4BI (Interior Architecture)
2007: Grand silver medal of the Academy of Architecture
2008: President of the Association des Peintres & Sculpteurs Dieppois
2009: Knight in the Order of the Legion of Honor
2010: Creation of the Biennale du Noir et Blanc – Dieppe
2012: Creattion of the studio Bruno Moinard Éditions (Creation of furniture)
2014: Opening of the ‘Bruno Moinard Éditions’ gallery – Paris


Solo Exhibitions:
Varengeville-sur-Mer Town hall, 1994, 1995
Tokyo, 1996
‘Itinérance’, Gallery Diane de Polignac et Chazournes – Paris, 2017


Group exhibitions:
Salon des Peintres & Sculpteurs Dieppois, 1971
SNBA (Société Nationale des Beaux Arts)




Éditions de la Martinière :
“L’architecte promeneur “, monograph, 2010
“Du trait à la lumière “, monograph, 2015


Éditions Bruno Moinard :
“Itinérance“, paintings of the artist (catalog), 2017

Bruno Moinard

photography Vincent de Marly